Sir Fulke Pembrugge IV (1363-1409)

Sir Fulke Pembrugge IV (1363-1409)
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This tomb is the oldest in the church. Sir Fulke Pembrugge, who was Lord of Tong from 1371 to 1409, is clad in armour of the camail period (the camail is a flexible curtain of mail on a helmet extending to the neck and shoulders). His head rests upon a helmet carrying his crest which is the head of a Turkish woman with a wreath round her temples and plaited hair. His feet rest on a lion, a symbol of courage.

His second wife Lady Isabel, lies besides him. She founded the present church and college. After the death of Sir Fulke she lives another 37 years and was instrumental in bringing the Vernons to Tong. Her daughter by a previous marriage to Sir John Ludlow married Sir Fulke’s nephew Sir Richard Vernon (whose tomb can be seen in the distance).

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