The nave of Tong Church

The nave of Tong Church
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A view of the nave looking east towards the Chancel and the altar in the distance.

There are significant differences in the arcading of the south and north aisles. It has been suggested that parts of the arcading of the present south aisle belong to a period about two hundred years before 1410 and that the nave of the earlier church was in the position of the present south aisle. A major restoration of the church, completed in 1892 under the supervision of the architect, Ewan Christian, was sensitively carried out. It was at this time that ‘the many accumulated coatings of colour and whiting which had been superimposed during many generations...’ were removed from the interior walls.

The oak roof of the nave (and the porch) is original and enriched with carved bosses. The pews in the nave are mainly Tudor with benchends carved with traceried panels. More pews were added in the north and south aisles during the 1892 restoration.

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