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About Tong
Home Page Brief introduction to the village of Tong
History of Tong Historical time line of the main events in Tong's long history

Tong church
Church Information about Tong church
Contact Tong Church Send us your query about the church
Tong Church 2020 appeal Our appeal for help to maintain the beautiful church
Church tour An illustrated tour around the Church
Donation Donate to the church

The Discovering Tong Book
About the Book Summary of the Discovering Tong book
The History of Tong Comprises: What visitors have said about Tong; History of Tong Castle 1100-1760; George Durant and the new Tong Castle; Beati Qui Durant; The Durant legacy at Tong and The Decline and Fall of Tong Castle
Tong Church and College Comprises: The college attached to Tong Church 1408-1535; The magnificent fifteenth century church of St Bartholomew at Tong; The various valuable heirlooms of the Church; The priests and clerks who served the community over the centuries
Living in Tong Comprises: The stories of each house and area within Tong; How the villagers of Tong spend their time over the centuries.
The Literary Connection Comprises: Unravelling the story of William Shakespeare's epitaph on the Stanley tomb at Tong; The strange story of Charles Dickens and Little Nell at Tong as well as other authors;
Buy book Ways you can get hold of a copy of the book
Book Index The index entries of the book
The author About the author Robert Jeffery

Reference information
Reference Index Where to find out more about Tong and related topics
Castle Excavation Information about the Tong Castle excavation including a page on each of the nine distinct phases of building on the site
Census index Analysis and search facility for all the available census material relating to Tong
Family Research Background information on the census data available on Tong from 1821 to 2001
Old maps See how Tong has changed over the last 250 years by comparing the maps of the parish of Tong. Available maps 1765; 1901 and 2007.
Other web sites Comprehensive index to other web sites with information relating to Tong

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